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  • Diamond Trading: The New Supplier-Retailer Connection

    Mobile and web technologies have fundamentally changed the way people do business worldwide. While basic principles have remained intact, such as providing real value to customers, strategically expanding your business to increase profitability, and more, there are many tactics which have changed. Before we get into the effect that technology has had on individual diamond retailers and suppliers, let’s take a look at how it has impacted the diamond market as a whole.

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  • Online Diamond Trading Myths It’s Time to Leave Behind

    In the diamond business, tradition can be hard to ignore. With such a complex and defined supply chain, many believe that there is no way to adjust existing buying, selling and distribution models to include a digital element. While more of the world’s economy has already moved online, the diamond industry cannot afford to get left behind.

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  • POS: How Diamond Jewelry Stores Can Protect Customer Information and Meet Industry Standards Including PCI Compliance

    Securing business and customer information is of utmost importance to all retailers. If addressed and implemented correctly keeping data secure can be simple and straightforward. If forgotten or overlooked, the unsecured data can be accessed by unwanted persons, leading to negative press, lawsuits for lack of compliance, and a very big headache.

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    • Feb 02, 2016

    How Jewelers Can Guide Customers Towards Their Right Diamond Ring Setting

    The elusive engagement ring has been a hot topic among budding brides and grooms for decades. Hours upon hours can be spent on websites searching for trends, looking through bridal magazines for inspiration, and going into stores to try on different styles. Major research is often conducted to learn about the 4Cs and how to choose the best diamond possible for their budget. All in search of the perfect engagement ring diamond, shape, size and setting. This blog will focus on ring settings and how you can guide your customers toward the right diamond ring setting for them.

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    • Jan 26, 2016

    Does Size Matter? Discussing Diamond Carat Weight With Your Jewelry Store Customers

    Carat weight is likely to be the 4C in which most customers are more familiar. It is also the easiest characteristic to describe and present to your customers since size differences are more easily discernible. Furthermore, carat weight plays an important part in the overall value of a diamond because larger diamonds are more rare and therefore cost more. However, just because a diamond might be bigger, does not necessarily mean it will be the best choice for your customer.

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  • The Colorful World of Diamonds: Explaining Diamond Color to Your Customers

    Diamonds come in many colors and many different shades. From white, to striking “fancies,” the choice of diamonds for your customer can be colorless or full of color, depending on their preference. As a diamond retailer, being able to explain the variations in color, while describing the unique qualities of each variant in a positive way, will help your customer choose the diamond they find most beautiful.

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  • What Is A Point of Sale or Retail Management System and How Does It Help My Diamond Jewelry Business?

    When looking at software to help run your diamond retail store there are so many questions. The first questions are often "What does my store need? What type of software and what functions does that software need to perform?" In the following blog I'll answer these question and provide details of what to look for, as well as briefly look at why software is such an essential part of a diamond retailer's business.

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  • Diamond Clarity: Helping your Customer Make a Clear Choice

    As a measure of value, diamond clarity plays a similar role to that of carat weight, in that flawless diamonds are so rare, they tend to be very expensive. However, most consumers are usually surprised by how little difference there is to a diamond’s appearance between two different clarity grades.

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  • Using Diamond Cut As An Effective Sales Tool for Your Jewelry Store

    “Cut is the only diamond characteristic under human control, and considered by many to be the most important,” says diamondideals.com. Here’s a quick guide for you to explain to your customers why diamond cut is so important, and how the diamond cutting process works.

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  • How Educating Customers About the 4Cs Can Help Diamond Jewelers Make More Sales

    If you are a jeweler, you know that diamond jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry. Aside from the common emotional symbolism that would compel a customer to buy a diamond piece, such as love, elegance, beauty, and wealth, there are real nuts-and-bolts associated with the value of a diamond that must be conveyed to them too – the 4Cs. The 4Cs serve as a sort of “user-friendly” acronym that helps customers better understand what to look for when making a purchase.

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  • Why Your Jewelry Store Needs a Virtual Diamond Inventory

    In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, diamond jewelers need to be aware of, and leverage, the latest trends. This can range from knowing the most popular current and coming jewelry styles, to staying abreast of the ever evolving methods of reaching new customers, such as we do today with social media. Keeping up with trends can be quite an investment and risky too, especially if you are investing based on a trend that you don’t know how long will last or how popular it will be. These risks can hold back some jewelers from moving with the times, but there is a way to overcome these risks at a minimal cost – by having a virtual inventory.

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  • Good Things Come in Small Packages: The Benefits of Being an Independent Diamond Jeweler

    If you are a small, local diamond jeweler, you have a big, varied advantage. You are able to provide personalized service of an entirely different caliber than that of the larger chains. And tapping into this ability is a great way to grow your business.

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  • The Promise of a Diamond: An Overview for Jewelers and Non-Jewelers Alike

    The diamond's promise is the essence of what makes it so special to consumers. The promise is at the heart of every diamond purchase and is what sets diamonds apart from other luxury goods. A diamond has meaning; it conveys emotion and is a symbol of love, elegance, beauty, and wealth. The diamond, because of its physical nature, stands for eternity, purity and innocence. When proffered, it expresses commitment, faithfulness, and trust. Delight and entertain your customers with these concepts and further garner their confidence in their purchase.

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