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  • Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts for Diamond Jewelers

    Excellent customer service can make your reputation as a diamond retailer. According to this research by InsightSquared, 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service and 58% are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Every industry has its norms, as well as the kind of conduct that is exceptionally good (and even that which should be avoided). Here’s a list of best practices for diamond jewelers based on customer feedback and industry standards. Make sure to modify these recommendations to best suit your own brand.

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  • Body Language Cues: What Retail Jewelry Customers Are Really Thinking

    Ah, the lovely couple - the girl with her shy smile, the beaming groom-to-be. They’ve said they want to buy an engagement ring and you’ve shown them some of this year’s best sellers, but so far, you’re not getting a sale. When you pull out the vintage Monique Lhuillier hexagon baguette diamond engagement ring in platinum, she gasps. Is this the ring they’ll choose or will they walk out the door? How do you know when someone is ready to buy? Is there a science to it or is it a matter of luck? Furthermore, can you use your own body language to influence a sale?

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  • The Magic and Mystery of a Diamond: A Unique Sales Tool for Jewelers

    What is it about diamonds that has continuously fascinated and intrigued those who buy them? From their early discovery in India in the 4th century BC, diamonds have been a source of myth, legend, and folklore. Through time, diamonds have continued to hold great allure and romanticism everywhere in the world. The intrinsic magic of a diamond can be used as a unique selling tool for all diamond jewelry retailers

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  • How Retail Diamond Jewelers Can Leverage Social Media Networks

    Social media provides particular advantages in the marketing of diamond jewelry. The networking element means that the proverbial word-of-mouth is spread rapidly and extensively. The visual component means that jewelers can easily showcase their diamond jewelry, and the potential for positive reviews means that the jewelers themselves are presented well too. Moreover, given the amount of time that consumers spend on social media sites, advertising the jewelry store and its diamonds through targeted ads can also be a sound business move.

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  • What Every Diamond Jeweler Needs to Know About Customer Relationships

    Building a customer base is vital to the success of all diamond jewelry stores, but what might seem less apparent is the importance of retaining the customers you already have.

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  • Can Trade Shows Help Diamond Buyers and Sellers?

    Most industries offer trade shows, and the diamond and jewelry industry is no different. But should you be spending the time and money to go? What are the benefits of attending? Are all trade shows created equal? What should you expect to get out of a trade show?

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  • The Art of Networking in the Diamond Business: Seizing the Moment

    As diamond buyers and sellers, we are always looking to make new connections and find original ways to promote ourselves. Networking is a great method to develop partnerships and relationships that will yield results if not now, then certainly in the future.

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  • Diamond Trading: The New Supplier-Retailer Connection

    Mobile and web technologies have fundamentally changed the way people do business worldwide. While basic principles have remained intact, such as providing real value to customers, strategically expanding your business to increase profitability, and more, there are many tactics which have changed. Before we get into the effect that technology has had on individual diamond retailers and suppliers, let’s take a look at how it has impacted the diamond market as a whole.

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  • Online Diamond Trading Myths It’s Time to Leave Behind

    In the diamond business, tradition can be hard to ignore. With such a complex and defined supply chain, many believe that there is no way to adjust existing buying, selling and distribution models to include a digital element. While more of the world’s economy has already moved online, the diamond industry cannot afford to get left behind.

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  • POS: How Diamond Jewelry Stores Can Protect Customer Information and Meet Industry Standards Including PCI Compliance

    Securing business and customer information is of utmost importance to all retailers. If addressed and implemented correctly keeping data secure can be simple and straightforward. If forgotten or overlooked, the unsecured data can be accessed by unwanted persons, leading to negative press, lawsuits for lack of compliance, and a very big headache.

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    • Feb 02, 2016

    How Jewelers Can Guide Customers Towards Their Right Diamond Ring Setting

    The elusive engagement ring has been a hot topic among budding brides and grooms for decades. Hours upon hours can be spent on websites searching for trends, looking through bridal magazines for inspiration, and going into stores to try on different styles. Major research is often conducted to learn about the 4Cs and how to choose the best diamond possible for their budget. All in search of the perfect engagement ring diamond, shape, size and setting. This blog will focus on ring settings and how you can guide your customers toward the right diamond ring setting for them.

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