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RapNet, a Rapaport Group Company, is the world’s largest and most trusted diamond and jewelry trading network, delivering the best available diamonds & fine jewelry, prices, people & market intelligence for buyers, dealers and diamond manufacturers worldwide.

RapNet is the go-to destination for anyone who’s serious about their diamond and jewelry business.

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Members enjoy commission-free trading on more than 1 million diamonds and thousands of jewelry pieces. Every member is directly connected with reputable customers and suppliers around the world in a transparent environment.

Whether you are buying or selling, RapNet delivers diamonds and jewelry at the best prices available. Membership means confidence and security in the knowledge that you have 24/7 access to the online epicenter of the worldwide diamond and jewelry trade.

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Established in 1976, The Rapaport Group provides first class, authoritative services that support the development of free, fair, efficient, competitive, and profitable diamond and jewelry markets. 
A primary and unifying focus of the Group are knowledge-based information services that create transparent and efficient markets. Examples are the Rapaport Price List and Rapaport Magazine, the RapNet® Diamond Trading Network, GIA LabDirect® diamond grading and certifications services, and the Rapaport Fair Trade Jewelry initiative.

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Saville Stern

RapNet COO


Sherri Hendricks

VP Operations, USA


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Senior Manager, Global Operations


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RapNet CMO


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Technology Leader


Prashant Bhojani

Manager, Customer Satisfaction, India

With diamond prices surging in 1978 and crashing in 1980, the need for honest diamond pricing and market information became apparent. At this time, the Rapaport Price Sheet became the primary source for pricing info, but this wasn’t enough. The time had come for real trading information to be shared – actual asking prices and real information about what people wanted to sell – from this, RapNet began.

The History of RapNet

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    On February 4th, 2019, jewelry trading was added to the RapNet trading platform

  • 2016

    Rapaport calls for Standardization of Diamond Grading Terminology

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    RapNet reaches 1M diamonds offered for sale on any given day

  • 2010

    RapNet reaches 5,000 members

  • 2009

    RapNet bans members who trade in Marange diamonds

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    RapNet reaches 1,000 members

  • 2002

    RapNet reaches 100k diamonds offered for sale on any given day

  • 2001

    Rapaport opens office in India

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    Creation of the Internet Diamond Exchange (INDEX) – the start of RapNet

  • 1994

    Rapaport opens office in Israel

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    Started collecting information about asking prices as part of the group’s brokerage business. Published diamond prices and diamond availability to Rapaport members

  • 1982

    Price Sheet became established as the primary source of honest diamond prices and market info

  • 1980

    The market crashes and diamond prices drop drastically

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    First Price Sheet

  • 1976

    Rapaport Group Established


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