Case Studies

22 Jun 2022

Case Study: Uniglo Diamonds

Find out how Uniglo Diamonds increased their sales by more than 7% by leveraging RapNet to increase their credibility and find new customers around the world.

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20 Apr 2021

Case Study: Denir Diamonds

Find out how Denir Diamonds leveraged RapNet to solve their need for a better sales platform and a larger network for procuring unique diamonds.

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26 Jan 2021

Case Study: Elegance Diamonds

How a new diamond business became profitable in just 2.5 years by using RapNet

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22 Nov 2020

Case Study: Bass Premier

Find out how Bass Premier leveraged RapNet to successfully compete with larger local and international companies.

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07 Jun 2020

Case Study: Kayes Jewellers

Find out how Kayes Jewellers increased their engagement and bridal sales by 400% after adding RapNet Instant Inventory to their website.

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12 May 2019

Case Study: Diamond Brokers Queensland

Find out how Diamond Brokers Queensland doubled their sales by using RapNet Instant Inventory

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05 May 2019

Case Study: Akshar Impex

Find out how Akshar Impex was able to dramatically grow their diamond sales by accessing global buyers through RapNet

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28 Apr 2019

Case Study: JE Marlow & Sons

Find out how RapNet Instant Inventory has helped JE Marlow & Sons jewelry increase sales

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