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  • Turning Damaged Inventory Into Profits

    If you don’t have a relationship with a diamond cutter (someone who actually cuts diamonds), chances are you’re missing out on countless opportunities to realize additional revenue for your business. Hidden in your safe or stashed away at the back of your drawer are the lesser diamonds, which you’ve taken in over the years. They may be chipped, scratched, burnt or broken - damaged goods in dire need of repair. More than likely, you have thousands of dollars tied up in diamond inventory that you aren’t able (or prepared) to show in their current condition. So how do you sell these diamonds without a decent cut grade or trusted grading report, especially if you are known as the trusted source for fine diamonds in your market?

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  • 6 Myths About Online Diamond Trading – DEBUNKED!

    With so many industries making the transition from brick and mortar to the cloud, the diamond industry is following suit. But should it be? Or is going online a necessity for jewelers looking to survive in what seems like an inevitable industry-wide shift? Furthermore, does the internet actually make sourcing and selling diamonds easier, more convenient and less expensive? Or is it an unnecessary waste of time?

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  • How to Negotiate Like a Boss in the Diamond Trading Business

    Diamonds Traders value honor and tradition almost as much as they value the diamonds themselves. So when buying and selling diamonds, it is crucial to know and follow the unspoken rules of negotiation.

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  • From Princess to Cinderella – How to Cut a Princess Diamond

    One of the things we have discovered after serving the jewelry industry for many years through our dedicated diamond re-cut and repair service is that Princesses form a disproportionate percentage of repairs. It is also the most abused and butchered of all diamond shapes. Over the years I have seen it all. Out of center culets, misaligned girdles, no girdles, Great Wall of China girdles, steep and flat facet groups and diamonds proportionately compromised with weights that they had no right to. But that is not all.

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  • 8 Reasons You Need to be on an Online Diamond Trading Network Today

    These days, 41% of people spend most of their time online with colleagues in professional networks. Joining a community dedicated to all things diamond, provides a unique place to find current market and pricing information and exchange ideas with other people interested in diamonds and diamond jewelry.

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  • Understanding Light Leakage in Diamonds

    There are a plethora of images on websites, and printed material to show the evils of flat or steep diamonds, but are they a correct rendering of what really happens to light in a diamond? Let us put them to the test.

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    • Jun 26, 2016

    Case Study: Akshar Impex

    How Akshar Impex uses RapNet to generate and retain global buyers, thus increasing sales.

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  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part Three.

    In the past two weeks we’ve discussed how sales people deal with customers, especially those who think they know “exactly what they want,” and we’ve explained why the wrong approach by a sales person can result in losing a customer rather than making the sale. Here, we will explain an alternative approach that would be more likely to result in a sale, and a “relationship” that will result in future purchases from you by this customer.

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    • Jun 14, 2016

    Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part Two.

    Last week we discussed how important diamond grading reports have become in terms of diamond sales, and how customers today often come in with a specific set of criteria, dictating to you – the salesperson – “exactly what they want.” Today, we will begin a discussion of how to take control of such a situation and show the customer not only what he wants, but possibly something that is an even wiser choice.

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  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part One.

    Many of you may be shaking your heads in agreement, yearning for the “good old days” when people bought diamonds just because they were pretty. I understand that nostalgic attitude, but I also remember how much misrepresentation – both unintentional and deliberate – occurred, and the numerous tricks by which the unscrupulous would not only make the sale, but also build a reputation as “the best place” to get a “bargain”…at the expense of honest, knowledgeable jewelers!

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