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  • Understanding Light Leakage in Diamonds

    There are a plethora of images on websites, and printed material to show the evils of flat or steep diamonds, but are they a correct rendering of what really happens to light in a diamond? Let us put them to the test.

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    • Jun 26, 2016

    Case Study: Akshar Impex

    How Akshar Impex uses RapNet to generate and retain global buyers, thus increasing sales.

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  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part Three.

    In the past two weeks we’ve discussed how sales people deal with customers, especially those who think they know “exactly what they want,” and we’ve explained why the wrong approach by a sales person can result in losing a customer rather than making the sale. Here, we will explain an alternative approach that would be more likely to result in a sale, and a “relationship” that will result in future purchases from you by this customer.

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    • Jun 14, 2016

    Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part Two.

    Last week we discussed how important diamond grading reports have become in terms of diamond sales, and how customers today often come in with a specific set of criteria, dictating to you – the salesperson – “exactly what they want.” Today, we will begin a discussion of how to take control of such a situation and show the customer not only what he wants, but possibly something that is an even wiser choice.

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  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part One.

    Many of you may be shaking your heads in agreement, yearning for the “good old days” when people bought diamonds just because they were pretty. I understand that nostalgic attitude, but I also remember how much misrepresentation – both unintentional and deliberate – occurred, and the numerous tricks by which the unscrupulous would not only make the sale, but also build a reputation as “the best place” to get a “bargain”…at the expense of honest, knowledgeable jewelers!

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  • 9 Psychological Reasons For Why People Buy Diamond Jewelry

    Diamonds are beautiful and rare, but their practical uses are limited. Sure, you could argue that diamonds for the purpose of making industrial grade drill bits are useful, but those aren’t the kinds of diamonds found in a retail jewelry store. Since diamond jewelry in itself is not a functional gift, why then do people purchase diamond jewelry?

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  • How to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Diamond Jewelry Store

    It’s not so hard to drive general traffic to your website, but what you really want is to attract the right traffic that will meet your business goals: sales and customers. There are several marketing methods that will enable you to drive targeted traffic to your website, find the right leads and help you close the best deal.

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  • Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts for Diamond Jewelers

    Excellent customer service can make your reputation as a diamond retailer. According to this research by InsightSquared, 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service and 58% are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Every industry has its norms, as well as the kind of conduct that is exceptionally good (and even that which should be avoided). Here’s a list of best practices for diamond jewelers based on customer feedback and industry standards. Make sure to modify these recommendations to best suit your own brand.

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  • Body Language Cues: What Retail Jewelry Customers Are Really Thinking

    Ah, the lovely couple - the girl with her shy smile, the beaming groom-to-be. They’ve said they want to buy an engagement ring and you’ve shown them some of this year’s best sellers, but so far, you’re not getting a sale. When you pull out the vintage Monique Lhuillier hexagon baguette diamond engagement ring in platinum, she gasps. Is this the ring they’ll choose or will they walk out the door? How do you know when someone is ready to buy? Is there a science to it or is it a matter of luck? Furthermore, can you use your own body language to influence a sale?

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  • The Magic and Mystery of a Diamond: A Unique Sales Tool for Jewelers

    What is it about diamonds that has continuously fascinated and intrigued those who buy them? From their early discovery in India in the 4th century BC, diamonds have been a source of myth, legend, and folklore. Through time, diamonds have continued to hold great allure and romanticism everywhere in the world. The intrinsic magic of a diamond can be used as a unique selling tool for all diamond jewelry retailers

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  • How Retail Diamond Jewelers Can Leverage Social Media Networks

    Social media provides particular advantages in the marketing of diamond jewelry. The networking element means that the proverbial word-of-mouth is spread rapidly and extensively. The visual component means that jewelers can easily showcase their diamond jewelry, and the potential for positive reviews means that the jewelers themselves are presented well too. Moreover, given the amount of time that consumers spend on social media sites, advertising the jewelry store and its diamonds through targeted ads can also be a sound business move.

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