Why RapNet

RapNet is the industry’s largest and most trusted marketplace for diamonds and jewelry.

RapNet members have access to:

RapNet members have access to:

  • Thousands of verified buyers and sellers worldwide
  • Instant availability of millions of diamonds and fine jewelry
  • Real-time discounts so you get the best prices
  • Deal direct so there is no commission or transaction fees
  • Online access to the Rapaport Price List
  • News and market information


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    Over 1 Million Diamonds

    Direct access to over a million diamonds from suppliers all around the world.

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    20K Fine Jewelry Pieces

    Fast and intuitive search engine providing access to thousands of fine jewelry pieces from sellers verified by Rapaport

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    Powerful Customized Search

    Highly customized and powerful search engine allows you to find the diamonds and jewelry you want quickly by filtering gemological characteristics, location and terms of sale.

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    Best Prices and Suppliers

    Find the best deals, and connect with the best and most trusted suppliers around the world.

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    Buy Requests

    Post Buy Requests and sellers who have that diamond will contact you.

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    Get notified when the diamonds you are looking for are available on RapNet.

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    Thousands of Buyers

    Access thousands of ready buyers around the world.

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    Maximum Exposure

    Increase sales with global exposure for your company, diamonds and jewelry among thousands of ready buyers around the world.

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    Pricing and Availability Info

    Get important pricing and availability info from the Rapaport Price List and RapNet best discounted asking prices.

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    No Transaction Fees

    Negotiate directly with other members with no commissions or listing and transaction fees.

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    Market Intelligence

    See in-depth market analysis with Diamond Price Indexes and up-to-date jewelry market insights.

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    Rapaport Price List

    Integrate Rapaport Price List data into your inventory.

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