What is it about diamonds that has continuously fascinated and intrigued those who buy them? From their early discovery in India in the 4thcentury BC, diamonds have been a source of myth, legend, and folklore. Through time, diamonds have continued to hold great allure and romanticism everywhere in the world. The intrinsic magic of a diamond can be used as a unique selling tool for all diamond jewelry retailers.


Historical Myth

Legends of the diamond’s magical properties have been carried along and passed on ever since the 1st century AD. Regional stories developed as the diamonds travelled from India to Persia, the Middle East and Egypt and finally on to Europe.

Because these rocks are “invincible”, as their strength is unlike anything else known to man, their owners attributed all kinds of magical powers to them. Diamonds were believed to delay aging, generate invincibility, cure disease and protect against enemies.

There have been myths that diamonds have taken on over the ages. You’ll see folklore about how certain religions have used diamonds to determine the innocence or guilt of someone accused of a crime, and other religious beliefs that diamonds were the tears of the gods or possibly even splinters that had broken off of falling stars. Here’s another informative guide that details specific diamonds through history and their stories.

Modern Day Magic

Today, people continue to be captivated by the idea of holding something in their hands that is rare or seemingly unattainable. Diamonds are one of the oldest treasures a person can acquire, as they can take billions of years to form in the earth’s core.

Diamonds are a cherished possession, valued high above their market price and often passed on as family heirlooms. To own a diamond, to wear a piece of diamond jewelry, is to possess something special and singular. Just like a fingerprint, a snowflake, or a human being, no two diamonds are alike. This means that a person’s diamond is his own unique and original possession.

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Selling the Magic

So how can you, the diamond jeweler, use the allure and mystique of a diamond to help make a sale?

Try to find that sweet spot with your customer. Learn who they are. What are their religious beliefs, their creative flairs and if they enjoy a good story. Use these myths and magical attributions to inspire and delight them. Here are some other great ideas for marketing your jewelry.


Donald Barry Woodrow, a world famous photographer who has been photographing diamonds for more than thirty-five years once said, “One can look at a diamond and just see a stone, or, one can realize that this stone has a long history and many hidden mysteries.”

For thousands of years diamonds have captivated us with their beauty and mystique. Capitalizing on the entertaining resonance of diamonds is a smart and successful technique to make a sale.