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Whether you're a jeweler, dealer or manufacturer, RapNet has a membership plan to suit your needs. Choose the plan that's right for you.

Available Add-Ons


Rapaport Magazine

$10 /mo
$100 /year

The Rapaport Magazine provides a broad range of in-depth articles, news and market analysis related to the diamond, gem and jewelry industry.

Instant Inventory

RapNet Instant Inventory

$60 /mo
$550 /year

Showcase hundreds of thousands of RapNet certified diamonds and jewelry directly on your website without the cost of owning them.


Rapaport Research Report

$750 /year
Discounted RapNet Price

The Rapaport Research Report is essential reading for those seeking to understand diamond price trends and the current state of the industry throughout the diamond pipeline.

All prices are in USD. Plans can be canceled at any time in accordance with our terms and conditions. Accepting Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a RapNet member?

RapNet is a trading network for qualified members of the diamond and jewelry industry, and is not open to consumers.


Membership is granted to business entities, and not to individuals. All new members must pass a vetting process and be approved. Members include retail jewelers, diamond dealers, siteholders, jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers, pawn brokers, appraisers, refiners, jewelry specialists and other businesses in the trade.



How do I become a member of RapNet?

All new members must submit an application and pass the vetting process. New applicants can apply online or contact RapNet directly.


New members will be put in touch with a member of our team to determine which RapNet plan best fits their business needs. Applicants will need to provide information and documents pertaining to their business such as a business license with full contact details, business references, government issued documentation showing the current and legal registration where they are currently operating, and sufficient proof that the business is operating in the diamond and jewelry business and is in good standing.




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