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We are excited to release our newly designed navigation menu, with a range of improvements to the menu and design based on feedback from our members.

Why the redesign?

If you’ve been a RapNet member for more than a few months, then you know that we are constantly adding new features to RapNet, which meant that the navigation was starting to get a little congested.

Our new simplified sidebar makes it much easier to get to the content you want and allows us to keep adding features, improving usability and making more of our features discoverable in your daily use of RapNet.

We know that no matter how necessary a change is, it can still be hard to get used to new things. So, we created this post to help prepare you for the new interface.


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What’s changed in the navigation?

The navigation shift is pretty straightforward and consists of main changes.

  1. Improved site navigation. Our priority was to help you access the information you need - as quickly as possible with as few clicks as possible.
  2. Added Features. Convenient calculator and a snapshot of your current diamond and jewelry trades offered on every page.
  3. Completely redesign for tablet. Now you can trade easier on any device.

Let’s see where things have moved and what’s been added...

Simpler Navigation

  • Simplified left-side menu navigation is now reduced to 11 icons, so the menu is viewable in one screen.
  • Each category is organized more logically. 2nd and 3rd clearly defined menu levels help you navigate where you need to go quickly and easily. For example, the diamond menu holds tools you need for all your diamond trading, like diamond search, parcel search, prices, TradeScreen and diamond uploading. Within the ‘prices’ menu, there’s a 3rd level leading to the pricing features such as calculator, melee calculator, Rapaport price list, RapNet price list, price changes and RapSpecs.

Other new interface additions

While the navigation design was the main goal of this redesign, we also incorporated a few small elements that will be of help to all of our members.


Access to the new quick calculator anywhere on RapNet

Snapshot of all your diamond and jewelry trade activity on every page

Redesigned experience for tablets

More to Come

New features and improvements are always heading your way so stay tuned! Watch out for the new footer at the bottom of every page.

'Product Updates' keeps you informed of our feature releases and updates.

We’d love to get your feedback about our redesign.

Email us at product@diamonds.net