In January, RapNet launched a brand new website, with an upgraded, more intuitive search, a more user-friendly interface and some clever new features. 

Here’s are some of the main enhancements on the new site that will make it easier and faster to search for diamonds.


Classic Search

For members who prefer to use the classic search form which they have grown accustomed too, we have added the Classic Search form alongside the new search so you can easily switch between them. So members can enjoy an upgraded search in a way they are comfortable with.

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Saved Searches and Notifications

Saved Searches and Saved Search Notifications have replaced private buy requests. You will be notified in your RapNet inbox when diamonds that meet your saved search are added to RapNet. This feature is available through the search screen when clicking the "Save Search" drop-down in the upper right-hand corner.

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Search Filter

Easily fine-tune your search results on the fly by using the search filter.

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Search Results

More options

We have added “More Options” to your search results with new features such as Email Selected, Print, Custom Print and Email, and Notify Multiple Sellers.

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Custom Print/Email

You can choose the fields to include when you email or print selected diamonds. You can also add a markup price.

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Sort By

The ‘Sort By’ menu allows you to sort your diamond search results by up to four different parameters and choose whether to sort according to ascending or descending order.

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Show Selected

Only show the selected diamonds in your search results.

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Compare Diamonds

Compare up to 10 diamonds at any one time, view them alongside each other, delete the ones you don’t need and pin the ones you want to keep.

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Track multiple diamonds

Members are able to group their tracked diamonds like they were able to on RapNet Classic. If you do not add your diamonds to a group, RapNet will group your tracked diamonds according to date added.

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Manage My Tracked Diamonds

You have the ability to search, edit and delete tracked diamonds for a specific group.

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Calculate Prices

We have added a handy Price calculator in the diamond search results so you can easily make price calculations when you search.

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Other New Features


We have added a ‘Settings’ in the top menu under “Welcome user”, where you can see your current plan and adjust your privacy setting such as Listings Permissions and Blocking.

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img 14.png

Show Listings

During trade shows, you can easily identify diamonds that are at the show in your search results, by a Show Listings icon show listings icon.png. You can then click on seller details to see their location at the show in a pop-up.

img 15.jpg

img 16.jpg

Remembering Your User Preferences

Any of the settings that you choose, such as sort by, print and email columns will be remembered so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you log back in.


Your Diamond Position

You can now see how your diamonds are positioned compared to other diamonds on RapNet. This feature is accessible through “My Listings” from the new “Magnifying glass” icon.

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