How Akshar Impex uses RapNet to generate and retain global buyers, thus increasing sales

CHALLENGE: Expand the company’s reach to international clients

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Akshar Impex is a leading diamond manufacturer and supplier located in Mumbai, India. Founded in 1970, the company prides itself on providing the highest level of service and maintaining long-lasting relationships with its clients, who range from retailers to jewelers and distributors.

Obtaining and retaining clients from around the world wasn’t so easy before online technologies like RapNet were around, and Akshar Impex relied heavily on its excellent reputation, local contacts, and connections from family and friends to grow its global network on a small scale.

Akshar Impex eventually reached a point where it understood the necessity to implement modern technology that would provide the company with a more efficient way to connect with businesses around the world. The traditional way of doing business, while successful in its own right, simply wasn’t keeping up with today’s faster pace and more global trends.

SOLUTION: Join the global diamond marketplace on RapNet

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By joining RapNet, Akshar Impex was able to “open the floodgates” to thousands of international clients while maintaining its stellar reputation. “RapNet has helped us join hands with buyers from all over the world, some of which have now become regular clients,” says Samir Shah, Sales Manager at Akshar Impex.

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Trading on the world’s largest and most trusted diamond trading network enabled Akshar Impex to seamlessly and securely connect with new clients from around the world and create new long-lasting relationships. Shah explains, “RapNet is now an integral part of our organization.” With features such as RapNet’s customized search engine and the RapNet TradeScreen that offers market prices in real-time, the tool is used daily by Akshar Impex’s entire team. “The RapNet window is active all throughout the day on all of our computers,” Shah says.

Shah goes on to explain that, beyond helping Akshar Impex expand their global client base, RapNet also makes it easier for entities in various locations to discover them. “Our success is based on trust and integrity,” he says. With RapNet, diamond professionals can easily view Akshar Impex’s business profile for information about verification and compliance, and rest assured that the company is genuine and legitimate. With this hurdle out of the way, Akshar Impex is only left to finalize negotiations.

RESULT: A significantly larger network of happy clients around the world

RapNet has allowed Akshar Impex to grow their revenue exponentially. “Ever since the inception of RapNet in India, we have been hooked and haven’t considered any alternatives. Our sales predominantly route from RapNet.”

“If we sold an average of two stones a day before subscribing to RapNet,” Shah continues, “that has now doubled. Seasonal sales reps might even sell twenty stones a day through RapNet.”

Shah highlights that two RapNet features in specific have made a huge difference for Akshar Impex: the member directory, and the buy/request feature. The first is like a “lead list,” he says, which has allowed them to create new happy customers that have been returning to Akshar Impex for continued business. “Buyers who route through RapNet are legitimate,” Shah adds, “which allows us to be sure we’re dealing with the right contacts.” The buy/request feature also helps Akshar Impex generate leads and subsequently sales.

“We consider RapNet as an integral virtual sales executive with Akshar Impex,” says Shah. “RapNet adds value to our business and we are happy to be associated with Rapaport.”

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