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  • 6 Tips to Drive More Business to Your Diamond Jewelry Store

    The purchase of diamond jewelry has signified luxury and romance for decades, thanks to a combination of wildly successful advertising campaigns and a highly controlled market, which keeps prices steady. Thanks to these forces, the diamond jewelry market has shown itself to be surprisingly resilient and highly competitive, even despite significant economic fluctuations over the past decade. Retailers who want to keep up in today’s competitive luxury market have to proactively drive jewelry sales. Here are 6 tips to drive more business to your diamond jewelry store.

  • How to Use Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Online Diamond Jewelry Store

    So you have a beautiful diamond retail website. The look and feel is just right. You’re featuring the most brilliant diamonds and other exquisite jewelry items. How do you get people to come? Easy. Create Content.

  • Beginners Guide: 6 Steps to Setting Up Your Online Diamond Jewelry Store

    So you’re ready to set up your online store… that’s great! Whether you’re complementing a brick-and-mortar store with an online presence or you’re starting out with an online diamond jewelry retail store, here are six basic steps to take to get you started.

  • Diamond in the Rough: 5 Steps to Make Your Online Diamond Jewelry Store Stand Out

    You’re about to open a new online diamond jewelry store or you’re already managing one. Yours is one of many competing for the attention of online shoppers everywhere. So how do you stand apart? Start with these five steps.

  • Dressing for Success: How to Obtain a Diamond Inventory Worth Boasting About

    There is a popular saying, “Don’t dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want next”. It’s not just a matter of wearing the right clothes, it’s knowing what it takes to be successful and looking like you deserve it at all times. People do it in the business world so why not do it in the diamond jewelry business? Whether you’re a retailer or dealer, designing your online presence to reflect a large inventory of diamonds is the first step towards attracting and catering to the customers you’ve always wanted.


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