Debra Greenstein

  • Diamond Trading: The New Supplier-Retailer Connection

    Mobile and web technologies have fundamentally changed the way people do business worldwide. While basic principles have remained intact, such as providing real value to customers, strategically expanding your business to increase profitability, and more, there are many tactics which have changed. Before we get into the effect that technology has had on individual diamond retailers and suppliers, let’s take a look at how it has impacted the diamond market as a whole.

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  • Using Diamond Cut As An Effective Sales Tool for Your Jewelry Store

    “Cut is the only diamond characteristic under human control, and considered by many to be the most important,” says Here’s a quick guide for you to explain to your customers why diamond cut is so important, and how the diamond cutting process works.

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  • The Colorful World of Diamonds: Explaining Diamond Color to Your Customers

    Diamonds come in many colors and many different shades. From white, to striking “fancies,” the choice of diamonds for your customer can be colorless or full of color, depending on their preference. As a diamond retailer, being able to explain the variations in color, while describing the unique qualities of each variant in a positive way, will help your customer choose the diamond they find most beautiful.

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  • The Small Diamond Retailer Advantage: Being the Expert in Your Niche

    When a person looking to buy diamond jewelry turns to a smaller diamond retailer instead of a department store or mall chain for their purchases, it’s usually because they are seeking a certain level of security and reliability that they hope to obtain from the expertise of that person or store.

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