There is a popular saying, “Don’t dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want next”. It’s not just a matter of wearing the right clothes, it’s knowing what it takes to be successful and looking like you deserve it at all times. People do it in the business world so why not do it in the diamond jewelry business? 

Whether you’re a retailer or dealer, designing your online presence to reflect a large inventory of diamonds is the first step towards attracting and catering to the customers you’ve always wanted.

Appearances Count

In the diamond business, showing potential customers that you have a wide selection of quality polished diamonds is important for piquing interest, promoting engagement and ultimately increasing sales. With online inventory browsing, jewelers can attract new customers that aren’t really sure what they want, as well as those that know exactly what size, shape and quality of the diamond they are searching for. It also helps to include a selection of superior luxury pieces to appeal to the high end customers you’re looking to target as you grow your business.   

But how does a retailer or dealer display a large selection of diamonds without tying up all their capital? The short answer is the RapNet Instant Inventory solution.


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As if getting diamonds for free wasn’t enough, an instant inventory solution includes all the technology they need to sell them on their website. When someone signs up for the program, they get the tools they need to display their inventory online and make it fully searchable by multiple criteria. Once the software is installed, they’re ready to do business with anyone who stops by.  

Instant inventory – a solution made possible by ecommerce and online search technologies – lets retailers, dealers and other merchants list diamonds from their preferred suppliers directly on their websites without having to purchase them in advance. Within moments, they can offer a large and customized inventory of cut and polished diamonds to appeal to an infinite number of buyers. The sellers can set the price for each item and the listings are continuously updated if a customer chooses to make a purchase.

New Opportunity for Today’s Suppliers

While the benefits to diamond retailers are obvious, the instant inventory concept is a tremendous boon to diamond suppliers as well. It basically creates a clear and direct pipeline to motivated buyers, whether they are retailers, intermediaries or end consumers. Listing their diamonds on multiple sites gives them an opportunity to work with more customers and expands their geographic reach quickly and cost effectively. This is particularly important in today’s business climate where there is a glut of polished inventory and weak market demand. 

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Removing Barriers to Success

In the past, a diamond seller’s ability to grow his or her business was constrained by the amount of capital they had to invest in their inventory. In this model, companies had to choose the diamonds they knew their current customers would purchase, or predict the ones they might – most couldn’t afford to buy higher end pieces in the hopes that they would somehow attract more sophisticated clientele. By removing financial obstacles, an instant inventory solution gives diamond buyers and sellers of all types the flexibility they need to target new customers without sacrificing profitability in the process.

The increasing popularity of online shopping has made dressing for success in the jewelry business easier than ever. Today, over a million diamonds of different size, shape, color and clarity are listed in the RapNet online diamond market at a value exceeding $8 billion. Now individual diamond sellers can bring a portion of that inventory directly on their own websites without capital expenditures or a significant ecommerce development effort. With an instant inventory solution, one can easily project the exact image they know the customer of their dreams wants to see. Imagine how quickly a business could grow from there.

Are you using an instant inventory solution to attract new clients and build your business? Share your success stories in the comments below!