There is one place to find the best diamonds, prices, people and market intelligence. RapNet, the Diamond Market.

In such unpredictable conditions, I must know exactly where the market is headed. So I joined RapNet.

Before I buy a diamond, I check actual asking prices on RapNet. That’s the real pulse of the market.

When I compare the Rapaport Price List and RapNet actual asking prices, I make better business decisions. You can only do that with RapNet.

Instead of buying the physical diamonds to sell to my customers, I use RapNet Instant Inventory. It's the smarter way to build your inventory.

RapNet Right Now

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About RapNet

  • The History of RapNet

    The History of RapNet

    Martin Rapaport discusses how RapNet has become the world's largest diamond market.

  • The Power of RapNet

    The Power of RapNet

    Saville Stern discusses all the wonderful things you can find on RapNet.

  • The Big Idea

    The Big Idea

    How was RapNet conceived? Martin Rapaport, Chairman of The Rapaport Group, explains.

Which Plan Is Right For You?

  • This is our primary program that offers all of the powerful products and services available to RapNet members.

    This is our primary program that offers all of the powerful products and services available to RapNet members.

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  • All of RapNet, plus a live feed of RapNet diamonds you can feature directly on your website.

    All of RapNet, plus a live feed of RapNet diamonds you can feature directly on your website.

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Core Toolset

  • RapNet TradeScreen™

    Extensive Price Research

    RapNet’s TradeScreen™ uses patented technology to give you market prices in real-time. The TradeScreen™ is updated constantly as diamonds are added to or removed from the system.

  • RapNet Search

    Custom Search Engine

    Save valuable time finding the diamonds you want. With RapNet’s customized search engine, you can search for diamonds by your specific criteria.

  • The Rapaport Price List

    The Source for Price Info

    The Rapaport Price List is the international benchmark used by dealers to establish diamond prices in all the major markets.

  • RapNet Instant Inventory

    RapNet Inventory = Yours

    Sell more diamonds at competitive prices without the cost of owning them.


What Our Members Are Saying

RapNet has transformed the way we buy and sell diamonds, bringing us up-to-the-minute pricing from around the world so we're certain we're buying at a price that suits us, and selling competitively. We're able to source inventory, and connect with buyers around the world, and we've been able to build good relationships with other dealers in Israel, Antwerp and New York.

Charles Silverton | D. I. Silverton Ltd.

Before we started using RapNet, it was quite difficult to find new clients, and we wanted to tap into new sources overseas. In the few years since we started using RapNet, we’ve seen significant changes, including new clients, and easier, faster business. The communication with the clients is smooth, and payment has been a breeze. And that’s all thanks to the easy platform of RapNet.

Samy Braun | B Gel

I love the simplicity of RapNet because it’s quick and easy to access and use. The staff is so helpful and efficient, bending over backwards to help me get full use and advantage of RapNet. RapNet gives me instant access to worldwide diamond stock and prices. Personally, I'm on RapNet most of the day, and would be totally lost without it. I can’t speak highly enough about it, and can’t imagine my world without it!!!

Elaine Lilley | Jeffrey Walton Jewellery Limited

Before joining RapNet, we had virtually no window to other markets, and were struggling to sell stones abroad. RapNet gave us a portal to wholesale diamonds, globally. One of the benefits of RapNet is if the price is correct, your sale is almost guaranteed. More sales mean more profit for our company.

Alex Bassalian | Bass premier

RapNet is a great help for our business. People contact us from all over for our diamond stock. The RapNet app is very user-friendly​.

Philip Felsen | Felsen & Zoon BVBA