What It Means to Be a RapNet Member

RapNet, owned and operated by the Rapaport Group, is the industry’s largest and most trusted marketplace for diamonds and jewelry.

RapNet is a virtual community that connects every member directly with reputable customers and suppliers around the world in a transparent environment.

Members enjoy commission-free trading on more than 1.8 million diamonds and thousands of jewelry pieces at competitive prices with market intelligence for buyers, dealers, and diamond and jewelry manufacturers to make informed transactions.

RapNet Members

RapNet membership is only available to legitimate and trustworthy members of the diamond and jewelry trade who have been registered to trade in diamonds and jewelry for at least one year.

Applications are vetted through documentation requirements and checks such as Photo ID and proof of identity, a business license, OFAC check and trading references and invoices.

Proof of RapNet Membership

In order to verify that the company you are dealing with is a RapNet member, please contact us at +1 (702) 893-9400 or email service@diamonds.net.


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