Why do most jewelers and dealers choose RapNet over Nivoda?

  • No commission or transaction fees
    While other trading platforms like Nivoda charge buyers a 1.5-2% fee on every purchase, RapNet is free of commission or transaction fees. This makes a big difference to your bottom line, especially when you trade multiple diamonds a year.
  • Trade Direct with Instant Transactions
    Networks like Nivoda that act as a middleman between buyers and sellers, have a 2–3-day delay between the purchase agreement and the actual sale. All transactions on RapNet are direct between buyers and sellers, so all sales are instant, and both parties can negotiate to ensure the best deal.
  • Reputation & Size
    RapNet is an established and trusted network that has been operating for decades under the respected Rapaport auspices. As opposed to Nivoda, which was established 2 years ago, RapNet is the largest diamond trading network, and gives you access to thousands of suppliers, ensuring you will always find the diamond you need at the best price.

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Other Online Trading Networks
Established and trusted

Established by the Rapaport group over 40 years ago, RapNet is the world's largest and most trusted marketplace for diamonds and jewelry - with more members and more listings than any other network

No other trading network is backed by the respected Rapaport Group which has become the industry standard in the diamond world

Rapaport Price List

RapNet is the only platform with the Rapaport Price List and best discounted asking prices included - ensuring you to make smarter business decisions.

There's no other platform that gives you access to the industry's primary source for diamond price and market information.

Largest inventory of diamond and Jewelry

With daily diamond listings of more than 1.8 million diamonds and close to 40,000 fine jewelry items, RapNet gives you access to thousands of international buyers and sellers in vibrant markets like India, Hong Kong, China and Europe, so you can source globally at the best prices

Alternative platforms are concentrated on local markets and offer far less available diamonds and jewelry.

Only verified buyers and sellers

All members are vetted before being accepted into the RapNet community, so you can deal in confidence with legitimate and trustworthy partners.

Many other trading networks don't implement the stringent verification that RapNet does -including of proof of identity, business license, OFAC check and trading references

Global customer service

Every RapNet member receives a personal and dedicated account manager and a customized RapNet business plan. We also provide continuous support through Live Chat, dedicated Tech Support and an extensive Help Center.

Other trading networks don't provide the level of global customer service and support you can find with RapNet.

Up-to-date Listings

RapNet requires our members to upload their stock at least every 7 days to
ensure the search results are current and relevant and you don't waste time

Most of our competitors do not ensure that their listings are up to date and current

GIA integration

RapNet is the only platform that fully integrates between your GIA certification and the platform to enhance the ease of uploading diamonds

No other network provides live GIA integration giving you the trust and confidence to buy diamonds sight unseen.

Commission free, no transaction fees

There are no hidden commissions or fees, all transactions are free of charge

Commission and transaction fees are common on other trading platforms, so watch out for these hidden costs

Why is RapNet the leading and most trusted marketplace for diamond and jewelry buyers and suppliers?

Trusted network with fair and honest prices

History and Leadership

Established over 40 years ago by the renowned Rapaport group, RapNet is the world leader when it comes to delivering the best available natural diamonds & jewelry to the industry, and giving you international customer support you can rely on.

Trusted members of the trade only

Trade with confidence and security knowing that the people you deal with in the RapNet community are trade verified by Rapaport. Our comprehensive member directory will connect you with qualified members of the diamond and jewelry trade and help you build solid long-term business relationships with partners big and small.

Maximize your profit with powerful pricing and trading tools

Vital Diamond Pricing Information

RapNet gives you access to vital pricing and availability information from the Rapaport Price List and RapNet best discounted asking prices, so you make smarter business decisions.

Powerful Pricing Tools

The RapNet TradeScreen, Diamond Insights tool and other powerful pricing features ensure you’ll always be making informed buying and selling decisions

  • TradeScreen: discover and understand the real market value for diamonds and learn how to buy and sell diamonds at the most competitive prices
  • RapNet XL prices and manages your diamond inventory
  • Diamond Insights provides the data you need to analyze, position and competitively price each listed diamond competitively on the market

Global customer service

Dedicated and personal support wherever you are

Our global success team is always standing by to answer your questions. Every RapNet member receives a personal and dedicated account manager and a customized RapNet business plan. We also provide continuous support through Live Chat, dedicated Tech Support and an extensive Help Center.

Trusted by thousands of buyers and sellers

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