Antoinette Matlins

  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part One.

    Many of you may be shaking your heads in agreement, yearning for the “good old days” when people bought diamonds just because they were pretty. I understand that nostalgic attitude, but I also remember how much misrepresentation – both unintentional and deliberate – occurred, and the numerous tricks by which the unscrupulous would not only make the sale, but also build a reputation as “the best place” to get a “bargain”…at the expense of honest, knowledgeable jewelers!

  • Are You Killing Diamond Sales With The 4Cs…Unknowingly? Part Three.

    In the past two weeks we’ve discussed how sales people deal with customers, especially those who think they know “exactly what they want,” and we’ve explained why the wrong approach by a sales person can result in losing a customer rather than making the sale. Here, we will explain an alternative approach that would be more likely to result in a sale, and a “relationship” that will result in future purchases from you by this customer.


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