RapNet has released a new platform, to make your online diamond trading more secure, efficient and user-friendly. Find out how the new platform will help you trade diamonds better.


So, what's new in the new RapNet...?


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If you are like most RapNet members, then you are constantly looking for safer and more efficient ways to run your business.

That’s why RapNet is releasing an all-new platform - with new features and upgrades designed to make communication between buyers and sellers more secure, and to make finding and transacting diamonds easier and more user-friendly.



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Secure Inbox

The most important enhancement in the new RapNet is an upgraded inbox.

  • MORE SECURE:  The new RapNet Inbox introduces a more secure way of trading, doing away with the need to rely on emails and other forms of communication which are less secure. By housing all communication within the RapNet platform, you will be more protected from the rising amount of email fraud.  
  • MORE EFFICIENT:  Your correspondences will all be centralized and easy to search. Having all of your correspondence in one place means that you no longer need to juggle emails, Skype, Whatsapp, QQ and a host of communication methods to buy and sell diamonds.
  • MORE ORGANIZED: Your entire conversation is in one convenient thread, so there is no need for inconvenient searches through your emails.

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Intuitive Diamond Search

Another enhancement to the platform is a faster and intuitive diamond search that allows you to calculate prices and compare diamonds within the search.   

  • Re-imagined search form based on your most used search terms.  Less clicking, more finding.
  • Calculate Prices – A handy Price calculator in the diamond search results for price calculations.
  • Compare Diamonds – Compare up to 10 diamonds to easily make a selection. Save your time by doing less searches and shortlisting so you can pick the right diamond after a careful comparison. Easy navigation and pinning of diamonds allows you to do a quick comparison between diamonds.
  • Photos, videos and grading reports are all easily seen in a handy pop up.


Calculate Prices

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Compare Diamonds

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Other Features

  • Revamped Dashboard – Get quick statistical information of diamonds listed on RapNet at a glance.
  • Instant Inventory – Add Your Own Stock – The coolest and simplest way for your own diamonds and diamonds belonging to other suppliers to be displayed on your website. The more diamonds on your website, the bigger your business sounds and the greater the "WOW" effect for your company's brand name and reputation.