Learn from a panel of industry experts from JVC, JBT and RapNet about how to protect yourself from fraud and scams and trade more safely.  

Get advice and actionable tips on how to mitigate your risks of fraud, phishing emails, money laundering and other scams. 


Webinar Highlights

Sara Yood, Senior Counsel at Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Sarah discusses how to protect your business from money laundering, who needs to follow these regulations, and how these rules help with responsible sourcing. Sara closes with general concerns about print and digital advertising and disclosure.   

“You are at risk for being used unknowingly for money laundering or terrorist financing. These regulations are positioning you to know about your supply chain and who controls the businesses you are trading with.” 

Saville Stern, Chief Operating Office at RapNet. See some examples of hard lessons learned from RapNet members who fell prey to fraud and scams. Saville goes into details about specific cases, points out identifiers to know if you’re a target of illegal activity, and provides tips on how you can take to protect yourself. 

“What we can do? Be more vigilant, more careful. You need to be aware of the kind of schemes that are out there. There are people trying to part you from your hard-earned money.” 

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Kathleen Morgan, Manager of the Reporting Department at Jewelers Board of Trade. Kathleen explains how to protect your company from fraud and risks, by knowing your customers and reducing your credit risk. Kathleen describes how the JBT reporting provides background information on company owners and officers.    

“It’s so important to know exactly who you’re doing business with…. Who are you dealing with? Who are you buying from? Who are you selling to? …Who owns the business? Who are the major shareholders?” 

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