With over 30,000 transactions initiated in the RapNet inbox each month, the new inbox is a significant upgrade that will make your communication more secure, efficient and organized.


With RapNet's new inbox, your communication will be:

  • MORE SECURE: The new RapNet Inbox introduces a more secure way of trading, housing all communication within the RapNet platform. This means doing away with the need to rely on emails and other forms of communication which are less secure, so you will be more protected from email fraud.  
  • MORE EFFICIENT:  Your conversations will be centralized and easy to search. With all of your correspondence in one place, you no longer need to juggle emails, Skype, Whatsapp, QQ and a host of communication methods to buy and sell diamonds.
  • MORE ORGANIZED: Your entire conversation is in one convenient thread, so there is no need for inconvenient searches through your emails.

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How is the new inbox better?

  • Real-time correspondence: The new inbox features real-time messaging, so you can easily talk to buyers and sellers right when they message you, and close deals faster.
  • Instant communication: You will be notified as soon as someone has messaged you, on the website, app, and email. You can then access your inbox from anywhere on the RapNet website or app and respond immediately, without having to search through your emails or other channels.
  • More Control: With all of your communication in one place, it’s easier to keep track of deals and inquiries.
  • More organized: You can create labels to categorize and identify different types of correspondence.
  • Close deals on the go: The new inbox is synced with the RapNet app so you can receive and reply to messages wherever you are.
  • Know who you’re talking to: Easily navigate to the member profile of the person you are communicating with. When you know who you are speaking with, you can handle the negotiation accordingly.