Introducing a special 5-part blog series for jewelry retailers, aimed at helping you utilize online marketing to increase traffic and sales. The series covers useful topics such as building websites, making the most of social media and email marketing, with tools you can put into action today to start bringing more customers to your website and retail store.

Part 1: 5 Ways to Create a Shining Online Presence for Your Jewelry Company

There are several steps every business can take to create a stronger online presence. Read about the top 5 ways to create a shining online presence for your jewelry company. Read more>>


Part 2: How to Use Retargeting on Facebook to Get More Customers

Target ImageThe biggest mistake small business owners make when running social ads is not properly utilizing retargeting ads. Learn how to create a profitable retargeting campaign on social media that won't burn money. Read more>>


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Part 3: How to Grow Your Business on Social Media

Grow your business on social media imageWhether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your social media presence, there are a few basic principles that can help you build your business online. With the right strategy, content and tools, you can make the most of the time you spend there. Read more>>


Part 4: Getting Yourself Out There: Content Marketing for Jewelry Retailers

Content MarketingContent is one of the most effective ways to engage prospective customers, familiarize them with your brand and keep you at the top of their minds for when the time comes for a purchase decision. Create a content marketing plan that will help you convey your messages in the best possible way to increase your profits. Read more>>


Part 5: Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Did you know ImageAs a retail business, you are always looking for ways to boost profits while keeping costs low. Emails are a powerful and cost effective way to communicate with your current and potential customers. Boost profits while keeping costs low by using cost effective marketing emails to communicate with your customers. Read more>>