This series of podcasts, sponsored by Sarine, is targeted at those working in the diamond and jewelry sector, from mines to retail. It will focus on exploring the power of technology and its influence on the diamond and jewelry industry.

After engaging with this special series of podcasts, listeners should be well placed to assess their company’s technological capabilities and the various threats and opportunities they face.

Practical examples, including case studies, will be used throughout the series to ensure listeners develop a solid understanding of how technology is changing the way businesses operate and succeed in our industry.

Podcast #1: Digital or Bust?

A roundtable discussion on the diamond trade’s embracement of technology over the decades and the current state of the industry in terms of technological advancement.
Featuring guests: Ben Smithee, Grant Mobley and Sam Karmiel.

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Podcast #2: Tracing the Diamond Journey

With consumers more than ever interested in the story behind their diamond we discuss the various technologies tracing the journey of diamonds from mine to market and how it is helping to empower the storytelling aspect behind each individual stone.


Podcast #3: The Transformation of Diamond Grading

The Rapaport Diamond Podcast looks at the impact of artificial intelligence on diamond grading and discusses what changes this will bring to the industry.


Podcast #4: The Reinvention of Retail

Technology is transforming the shopping experience and empowering retailers to bring many added-value and branded services to their customers.


Podcast #5: In Focus — The Impact of Technology

The Rapaport team examines several case studies featuring companies that have transformed their operations by embracing technology.