A desire for self-expression and embellishment has always drawn human beings to jewelry. Trends come and go, and depending on which demographic is buying, popular items can differ widely. That said, certain themes and styles in the fashion world tend to influence which jewels are particularly sought after.

In 2022, we anticipate that personalization will be a stronger force than ever; that collectors will turn to resale platforms and vintage dealers more assiduously to get hold of specific jewels not available in retail; and that shoppers will seek freedom and fluidity when it comes to adornments, reflecting the younger generations’ mission to write their own rules.

Here are some of the highlights to keep in mind when planning your jewelry offerings.

  1. Beyond the round brilliant

The classic diamond cut is still the all-time favorite when it comes to engagement rings, but it is now sharing the spotlight with fancy cuts, whether in the bridal category or elsewhere. Celebrities opting for pear shapes, marquises and emerald cuts are reflecting jewelry lovers’ tastes for more individual and unusual choices. White diamonds are the undisputed leader of the market, but colored ones are getting more attention. From champagne to grey, diamonds once deemed undesirable are finding their way into highly covetable pieces.

Image from Kate Maller

Image from Sofia Kaman

  1. Big and bold

Maximalist jewelry collectors are in for a treat in 2022: Designers have released large cuffs, oversized earrings and showstopping necklaces to make sure the wearer feels empowered and makes a statement. Dazzling volumes, a predominance of yellow gold, sensually curved shapes, and motifs from the Retro era and the 1980s feature heavily in the jewels of the coming year, which are less about status and more about fierce personality.


Image from Almasika

Image from Assael


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  1. Classics with a twist

What would a perfectly curated jewelry box be without a tennis bracelet, eternity bands and hoop earrings? Revisited versions of these classic staples are on the horizon for buyers in the new year. Tennis bracelets and eternity bands might get a rainbow treatment or feature fancy cuts such as heart shapes, while hoops might be asymmetrical or mismatched. Collectors who have their basics covered are also likely to embrace these more colorful and nontraditional designs to create attractive stacks and freshen up their gem-set looks.

Image from Alexandra Abramczyk 

Image from Anita Ko

Image from Katherine Jetter


  1. Feel-good jewelry

Wellness themes and crystals have been present in the fine-jewelry sphere for some time now, with designers deploying gemstones that connect with chakras (energy points) in elegant patterns to combine wearability and well-being. The trend is growing as collectors seek to connect to spiritual values, and as they gain a deeper understanding of stones’ distinct powers. Not only are jewels emulating eyes, celestial signs and other protective symbols, they are making full use of gemstones’ properties. Whether calming, energizing, or creativity-inspiring, these stones offer a wonderful array of possibilities.

Image from Ananya

Image from Flora Bhattachary 

Image from Misahara


  1. Bridal parties

Large wedding celebrations are back — or so hope the millions of couples who had to delay or downsize their nuptials due to Covid-19. The party spirit and the desire to show off exquisite jewelry after being deprived of opportunities for over a year are leading brides and their guests to look for conversation-starting pieces — a large cocktail ring, shoulder-dusting earrings, or a glamorous necklace. Diamonds and pearls are a bride’s best friends; they’re appearing in designs that range from sophisticated to edgy, romantic to rock ’n’ roll.

Image from Grace Lee

Image from Le Vian

Image from Nina Runsdorf 

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