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RapNet is the leading and most trusted B2B online diamond trading network in the world.

With RapNet, you can:

• Access over 1 million of the best diamonds in every shape, size, color and clarity on any given day
• Get optimal pricing transparency with benchmark prices from the Rapaport Price List and best discounted asking prices from RapNet
• Instantly connect and develop relationships with an elite community of diamond professionals
• Gain a deeper understanding of diamond availability and pricing trends with the best, most reliable data, straight from the source

For over 20 years, RapNet has been the go-to destination for anyone who’s serious about his or her diamond business.

Members get real-time discounts, competitive asking prices, and instant availability of millions of diamonds. RapNet members also enjoy commission-free trading in a highly competitive and transparent environment. Whatever your needs, buying or selling, RapNet delivers diamonds at the best prices available.

RapNet is based on the core Rapaport Group values of honesty, efficiency, and transparency in the marketplace. More than just a diamond trading network, it’s a global community based on shared values and intelligent technology, which enhances trade, and increases profits.

RapNet membership is offered to companies that have been in the diamond and jewelry trade for at least one year and that pass the RapNet verification process.

Why RapNet?
  • Diamonds

    RapNet is the global market for certified diamonds. With over 1 million listings, and 10,000 new diamonds every day, you’re going to find what you need. Built on decades of knowledge and experience, our search engine is an essential tool for quick and easy finding, no matter how broad or specific your criteria. Other custom features show you the full market at a glance, based on your needs, and driven by real-time prices and availability.

  • Prices

    RapNet combines the industry benchmark Rapaport Price List with actual asking prices to give you the most comprehensive and transparent pricing resource available. Beyond just pricing, you enjoy a suite of tools unmatched in the industry, helping to ensure you never undersell or overpay.

  • People

    Our exclusive community tools and Member Directory connect you directly with reputable customers and suppliers around the world. Review company information and ratings, communicate directly with other members through the RapNet message center, learn and interact via forums and discussion boards, and do it all within our secure and vibrant community.

  • Market Intelligence

    24/7 access to Rapaport news and analysis of the diamond and jewelry industry means you’re always up to date on the latest happenings in a market that never stops moving. Our tools and trend analysis, based on millions of diamonds and searches, enhance your expertise and keep you on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the marketplace.

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