Proveedor principal

Para los principales fabricantes o distribuidores de diamantes.

Para los principales fabricantes o distribuidores de diamantes. Todas las características de RapNet Dealer plus venden un número ilimitado de diamantes y muestran la insignia del proveedor principal.

* Pagar anualmente y obtener el 12 º mes gratis
$ $500/ Mes
$ $5,500/ año

List an unlimited number of diamonds. More diamonds on RapNet means more opportunities to sell


Display Primary Supplier badge on your Company Profile and every one of your diamonds in the search results


Make better, more informed, business decisions with Market Intelligence 2.0 reports

Stand out from the crowd. An enriched company profile page allows you to highly promote your company via more detailed information, video, photos, and a special section where you can showcase specific diamonds

Complimentary Rapaport Magazine. Primary Suppliers receive a subscription to the Rapaport magazine for free

Primary Suppliers enjoy an advanced search and TradeScreen™ and the ability to connect office branches in the search results

Access to RapNet’s marketing and promotional programs

Two Additional Members, No Additional Charge. RapNet Primary Suppliers are entitled to enroll two additional members on their accounts at no additional cost

Additional office branches also get the Primary Supplier badge

What is RapNet Primary Supplier and how is it different to RapNet Dealer?

RapNet Primary Supplier is the solution for large manufacturers and suppliers and who regularly list diamonds worth over $7M daily on RapNet.

What benefits are included?

RapNet Primary Suppliers get all the features of RapNet Dealer, plus:

a. Unlimited diamond listings.
b. Primary supplier badge on all diamond listings. 
c. Upgraded Company Profile Page in the Member Directory. 
d. Special Market Intelligence 2.0 that allows you to analyze diamond prices and availability trends over different time periods, so you can optimize your trading strategy. 
e. Two additional member logins. 
f. Free subscription to Rapaport monthly magazine.

How do I qualify for RapNet Primary Supplier?

RapNet is strictly a B2B diamond trading network. Membership is open to companies who have been in the diamond and jewelry trade for at least one year. We require the following documents in order to complete your registration:
a. Business License or Certificate of Incorporation 
b. Photo ID.
c. A copy of two invoices from diamond or jewelry business transactions.
d. Two references from other companies who are also RapNet members. 
e. Additional verification and a commitment to trade transparently and fairly on RapNet.

How quickly can I get access to RapNet?

You can start enjoying the full power of RapNet once your application has been approved and payment has been received.

Will RapNet work on my mobile device?

  1. Yes. The RapNet App is available on iOS and Android.

RapNet Primary Supplier is only $500 per month or $5,500 per year.

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