RapNet Jeweler

For retail jewelers looking for diamonds and diamond pricing information.

RapNet Jeweler is only $60/month or $660/year.



  • Obtain key pricing information and get best prices with the Rapaport Price List and RapNet discounted asking prices
  • Access over 1 million diamonds in any size, shape, color and clarity
  • Buy from reputable suppliers with no commission or transaction fees
  • List up to 50 diamonds for sale at a time
  • Take advantage of discounted shipping rates, website services and more with RapNet Member Benefits exclusively for RapNet members
  • Submit Buy Requests to get exactly what you are looking for
    and be notified when it’s available
  • Add RapNet Instant Inventory® at an additional fee, so you can sell RapNet's $8 billion inventory of diamonds on your own site without the cost of owning the physical diamonds
  • Protect your diamond transactions using RapNet’s Secure
    Transaction Service through Escrow.com

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is RapNet Jeweler?

    RapNet Jeweler is the RapNet diamond trading solution designed for bonafide retailers whose primary business is selling diamonds or jewelry to consumers. 

  • What other benefits are included?

    Jewelers can also list up to 50 diamonds at a time. RapNet Instant Inventory® is available at an additional fee.

  • How do I qualify for RapNet Jeweler?

    RapNet is strictly a B2B diamond trading network. Membership is open to companies who have been in the diamond and jewelry trade for at least one year. We require the following documents in order to complete your registration:
    a. Business License or Certificate of Incorporation with reasonable proof that you are a jeweler, (eg: store front interior or exterior).
    b. Photo ID.
    c. A copy of two invoices from diamond or jewelry business transactions.
    d. Two references from other companies who are also RapNet members.

  • Will all of my employees have access to RapNet?

    1. This membership includes one user login. You may purchase additional logins at $120 per login, per year.
  • Can I upgrade to RapNet Dealer at any time?


  • How can RapNet Jeweler help me and my business?

    RapNet Jeweler lets you find the best availability of diamonds, suppliers and key pricing information to ensure that you pay the right price for diamonds and sell competitively to your customers.

  • What if I wish to list over 50 diamonds?

    1. To list more than 50 diamonds, you will need to upgrade to the RapNet Dealer membership solution.
  • How quickly can I get access to RapNet?

    You can start enjoying the full power of RapNet once your application has been approved and payment has been received.

  • Will RapNet work on my mobile device?

    1. Yes. The RapNet App is available on iOS and Android.

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