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tiffany store
Tiffany & Co.'s Christmas Season Sales -1%
Tiffany & Co. reported that revenue fell 1 percent year on year to $1.02 billion for two-month Christmas season that ended on December 31. Comparable-store sales were flat.Michael J. Kowalski, the chairman and CEO, said,...
Financial-Legal Jan 12, 2015 Jeff Miller
Gay couple from 'Will You?' ad campaign
New Tiffany Ad Campaign Features Gay Couple
Tiffany & Co. has included a photo that features a same-sex couple in a new advertising campaign, marking a first for the brand. The ad campaign, which was launched last week in the U.S., is comprised of seven photographs...
Retail Jan 12, 2015 Ronen Shnidman
Polished Diamonds
Polished Diamond Prices Continue to Decline in August
PRESS RELEASE, September 8, 2014, New York ... Polished diamond prices declined in August as trading slowed and liquidity tightened in the manufacturing centers. Buyers avoided making large inventory purchases in advance of the September Hong...
Polished Markets Sep 08, 2014 Rapaport
tiffany small
Tiffany Appoints Jill Beraud as a New Executive Vice President
Tiffany & Co. named Jill Beraud as an executive vice president, effective October 13, to lead global retail operations, including all sales channels in every region, as well as oversight of strategic store development and real estate.Michael...
Retail Sep 04, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany store
Tiffany & Co.'s Sales +7%, Profit +16% to $124M
Tiffany & Co. reported that revenue rose 7.2 percent year on year to $992.93 million in the second fiscal quarter that ended on July 31. Same-store sales increased 3 percent. The jeweler held cost of sales...
Financial-Legal Aug 27, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany small
Kowalski to Retire in 1Q, Tiffany Appoints Cumenal as Next CEO
Michael J. Kowalski, the CEO of Tiffany & Co., intends to retire on March 31, 2015. Kowalski, who has been a member of the company's board since 1995, will continue to serve as a non-executive chairman. The board has...
Retail Jul 21, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany diamond
Tiffany & Co.'s 1Q Sales +13%, Profit +50% to $126M
Tiffany & Co. reported that sales increased 13 percent year on year to $1.012 billion for the first quarter that ended on April 30. The retailer's cost of sales rose 7.7 percent to $422.6 million and...
Financial-Legal May 21, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany small
Analysts View Chinese Demand as Strong Opportunity for Tiffany
Tiffany & Co. will benefit from China's increasing demand for jewelry coupled with the country's low rate of diamond penetration, especially as marriage rates increase, according to Sterne Agee analysts Ike Boruchow and...
Research Apr 18, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany small
Tiffany & Co. Names Nicoletti as CFO
Tiffany & Co. named Ralph Nicoletti as its new executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) effective April 2, 2014. He will join the jeweler from CIGNA, where he was an executive vice president...
Retail Mar 19, 2014 Jeff Miller
Jewelry Giants
Signet Jewelers’ $1.4 billion acquisition of Zale Corporation announced last week signals the emergence of another retail giant in the diamond and jewelry market; not that the two companies were such small fish...
Retail Feb 28, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Judge Permits Generic 'Tiffany Setting' Argument to Proceed
U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain ruled this past week that Costco Wholesale Corporation may proceed with its defense argument and discovery process related to proving that the ''Tiffany setting'' is a generic...
Financial-Legal Jan 21, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany store
Tiffany & Co.'s Christmas Sales +4% to $1B
Tiffany & Co. reported that sales increased 4 percent year on year to $1.03 billion during the Christmas season, which included the months of November and December. Comparable-store sales rose 6 percent. Revenue from stores...
Financial-Legal Jan 10, 2014 Jeff Miller
tiffany store
Former Tiffany & Co. Executive to Serve Prison Sentence
Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun, a former executive at Tiffany & Co. who pleaded guilty to one count of interstate transportation of stolen property valued at $1.3 million, was sentenced to one year plus one day in prison. Attorneys for the...
Financial-Legal Dec 23, 2013 Jeff Miller
tiffany store
Tiffany & Co.'s 3Q Sales +7%, Profit Jumps as Costs Ease
Tiffany & Co. reported that revenue increased 6.9 percent year on year to $911.5 million for the third quarter that ended on October 31. Same-store sales rose 7 percent. Cost of sales edged up 0.9 percent...
Financial-Legal Nov 26, 2013 Jeff Miller
Wall Street Bull courtesy of Glen Scarborogh
Diamond Investors
For investors looking for exposure to the diamond market, 2013 has not lived up to expectations. In fact, while U.S. stocks have rallied this year, pure-play diamond companies have struggled along. If the rise of the...
Rough Markets Nov 15, 2013 Avi Krawitz
tiffany diamond
Tiffany Expands Online Channel With New Features, Information
Tiffany & Co. redesigned and relaunched its tiffany.com channel with interactive pathways to explore the brand's heritage and prominence. The new tiffany.com website features high-resolution visuals and video and it enables customized...
Marketing Oct 21, 2013 Jeff Miller
tiffany store
Tiffany & Co. to Proceed With Branded Watches
Tiffany & Co. intends to proceed with plans to design, produce, market and distribute Tiffany & Co.-branded watches, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The luxury jeweler originally established...
Watches Oct 11, 2013 Jeff Miller
tiffany small
Sterne Agee Upgrades Tiffany & Co. to 'Buy'
Sterne Agee analyst Ike Boruchow upgraded shares in Tiffany & Co. to ''Buy'' from ''Neutral'' with a target price of $86, citing a highly visible margin recapture opportunity in the upcoming 18 to 24 months, a rapidly growing international platform,...
Financial-Legal Oct 10, 2013 Jeff Miller
Tiffany & Co. Appoints Cumenal as President
Tiffany & Co.'s board of directors appointed Frederic Cumenal (pictured) as the retailer's president and to a newly created seat on the board. Prior to this appointment, Cumenal, 54, was the executive vice president of Tiffany &...
Marketing Sep 24, 2013 Jeff Miller
tiffany diamond
Tiffany & Co.'s Profit +16% to $107M, Raises Guidance
Tiffany & Co. reported that revenue rose 4.4 percent year on year to $925.9 million in the second quarter that ended on July 31. Comparable-store sales rose 1 percent worldwide. Cost of sales rose by only 1.6...
Retail Aug 27, 2013 Jeff Miller
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