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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
Bharat Diamond Bourse
India's Diwali Honeymoon
India’s diamond and jewelry trade has high expectations that the new government of Narendra Modi will enable a more favorable business environment. As a result, amid the low level of activity at the India International Jewellery...
Polished Markets Jul 25, 2014 Avi Krawitz
ALROSA's Udachniy mine
Global Diamond Production +11% to $14B in 2013
Global diamond production by value rose 11 percent year on year to $14.09 billion in 2013, due mainly to an increase in the average price of rough diamonds, according to annual data published by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. By volume, global...
Mining Jul 22, 2014 Avi Krawitz
IIJS 2014 Sign
Slow IIJS Show Reflects Cautious Yet Optimistic Indian Market
The India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) ended on Monday with diamond suppliers reporting relatively low volume of trading and some softening of prices for select goods. The show began on Thursday, July 17 with visitors...
Polished Markets Jul 21, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Just Married
The Bridal Jewelry Boom
Demand for engagement and wedding diamond jewelry is stronger than ever, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for the trade. Today’s couples may be well-informed and have larger budgets, but they’re still looking for guidance...
Retail Jul 18, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Diamond Digger
Development Diamonds
The diamond industry needs to support programs to uplift its vast artisanal mining sector. The more than 1.5 million diamond diggers – predominantly in West Africa – and their estimated 10 million dependents, remain the most...
Fair Trade Jul 11, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Israel Diamond Exchange
Israel's Polished Diamond Exports +6% in 1H
Israel’s polished diamond exports rose 6 percent year on year to $3.552 billion in the first half of 2014, according to data published by the Ministry of Economy. By volume, polished exports fell 7 percent to 1.335 million carats, while the...
Polished Markets Jul 08, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Kobi Koren Elected President of Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association
The Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) on Sunday elected Kobi Koren as its new president, according to the Israel Diamond Exchange's (IDE) website. Koren replaces Avraham (Bumi) Traub in the position.Koren also serves as chairman...
Manufacturing Jul 06, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Dubai's Rough Diamond Exports +6% in 2013
Dubai’s rough diamond exports rose 6 percent year on year to $7.296 billion in 2013, the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) reported. By volume, rough exports grew 12 percent to 68.266 million carats, while the average price of Dubai’s...
Rough Markets Jul 06, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Rough Under the Loupe
A Tougher Third Quarter
The second quarter was always going to be a quieter period for the diamond trade. Therefore, few were surprised that the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1-carat diamonds softened during the period, as reflected...
Polished Markets Jul 04, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Trade Report Icon
Trade Report
Will Profitability Return?The World Diamond Congress discusses numerous challenges facing the industry while the trade hopes for better margins in the second half of the year.The ability of diamond cutters to profit from their...
Magazine-Industry Jul 01, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Rapaport Certification Conference
Sellers are Responsible for Diamond Authentication
The annual Rapaport Certification Conference that took place at the JCK Las Vegas show highlighted that jewelers are responsible for the authenticity of the diamonds they’re selling. “Jewelers have the first line...
Polished Markets Jun 25, 2014 Rapaport News
DTC Botswana Building
De Beers to Unveil Sightholder Requirements in July
De Beers will unveil in July its requirements for sightholder applications for the next three-year contract period, company executives said on Monday in Israel. They stressed that the focus will be on ensuring greater transparency and...
Rough Markets Jun 24, 2014 Avi Krawitz
WDC Meeting 2014
Challenging Congress
The 36th biennial World Diamond Congress that took place in Antwerp this week offered an opportunity for industry leaders to tackle the trade’s most pressing issues. While much of the discussion focused on the reporting...
Polished Markets Jun 20, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Namdeb mine
Namibia Mulling Diamond Sales Without De Beers
Namibia is considering establishing a company to sell diamonds outside of the De Beers framework that is currently in place. “Our diamonds are sold through a joint venture with De Beers but we are considering setting up a company through which we will...
Rough Markets Jun 18, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Trading at JCK
The 18 Inch Diamond Dream
On the sidelines of the JCK Las Vegas show, a deeper conversation was taking place than the usual negotiation for goods. Numerous educational seminars and keynote addresses urged businesses to move beyond simple product...
Polished Markets Jun 13, 2014 Avi Krawitz
JCK Las Vegas 2014
Subdued JCK Vegas Show Meets Expectations
The JCK Las Vegas show closed on Monday with diamond suppliers satisfied with the level of sales even though trading activity was slower than previous years. Exhibitors noted that buyers bought goods...
Polished Markets Jun 03, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Ekati Mine
Dominion Diamond Corp. to Launch Contract Sales in July
Dominion Diamond Corporation will soon sell its diamonds via long term contracts, company executives told Rapaport News. “Manufacturers want the consistency of supply and now we have the volume and the mix...
Mining Jun 02, 2014 Avi Krawitz
HPHT-Processed, emerald cut, 13ct, D, VVS2
The HPHT Natural Diamond Opportunity
Manufacturers and distributors of High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) processed natural diamonds are claiming an opportunity for their small, specialized niche. Not to be confused with treatments or synthetics, advocates of HPHT-processed natural diamonds are working...
Polished Markets May 30, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Israel Flag
Resurrecting ManufacturingThe Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is building a new diamond cutting facility in Ramat Gan as part of its effort to reestablish the country as a major manufacturing center. “We have to emphasize our strengths, which are our...
Magazine-Market Report May 28, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Trade Report Icon
Trade Report
Liquidity TightensGenerally positive market sentiment is tempered by certification delays, reduced bank credit and high rough prices.Polished diamond markets were stable during May amid growing concern about tightening liquidity in the manufacturing sector....
Magazine-Industry May 28, 2014 Avi Krawitz
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