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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
HK Show 2015
Diamond Market Seeks Confidence Boost in Hong Kong
Diamond suppliers were hoping for a boost to market confidence as the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show opened on Monday. While it was too early to assess actual trading at the show, visitor traffic...
Polished Markets Mar 02, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Shanghai Diamond exchange
China's Polished Diamond Imports +31% in 2014
Polished diamond imports to China through the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) rose 31 percent year on year to $2.24 billion in 2014, the SDE reported. By volume, the imports rose 20 percent to 1.71 million carats. The total...
Polished Markets Feb 25, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Diavik Mine
Dominion Diamond's 4Q Sales +3%
Dominion Diamond Corp. reported that sales rose 3 percent year on year to $240.6 million in the fourth quarter that ended January 31, 2015. However, the company noted that sales were below expectations since...
Mining Feb 24, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Nikolay Piriankov
Online Jewelers Lack Engagement with Customers
Rare Pink was launched in 2013 as a jeweler focused on creating bespoke engagement rings for its customers. The startup was recently named New Jeweler of the Year by the British Jewellers' Association having increased its...
Retail Feb 20, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Chow Tai Fook Store
China's New Year Challenge
The diamond industry is navigating slow economic growth in this Chinese New Year of the Goat. No longer considered the new frontier for the diamond market, China has matured and demand has softened in the...
Retail Feb 20, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Finsch Mine
Petra Diamonds 1H Profit +38%
Petra Diamonds reported that profit rose 38 percent year on year to $39.1 million during its first fiscal half that ended on December 31, even as diamond prices softened. The diamond miner noted that diamond...
Mining Feb 19, 2015 Avi Krawitz
SRK Exports Top $1B
Shree Ramkrishna Exports (SRK), a Surat-based diamond manufacturer, reported that it exported more than 348,000 carats of diamonds in 2014. The company reported that it did $1.2 billion (INR 75 billion) worth of business in the past three...
Polished Markets Feb 16, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Jignesh_Shailen Mehta
Diamond Manufacturers Must Drive Jewelry Aspirations
Divine Solitaires is an India-based diamond brand that was launched in 2006 and recently partnered with its 100th jewelry retailer. Rapaport News spoke with Jignesh Mehta (pictured on the right), the co-founder and managing...
Retail Feb 13, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Venetia Mine
De Beers Profit and Revenue Soar in 2014
De Beers underlying earnings jumped 74 percent year on year to $923 million in 2014, according to Anglo American’s share in the diamond company, as growth was driven by higher rough diamond prices and lower operating costs. “For this...
Mining Feb 13, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Valentine's Day Jewelry
Committing to Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day exposes both the weaknesses and strengths of the diamond and jewelry market. For a product so driven by the idea of commitment and relationships, the holiday should be a coup for the industry, a second Christmas...
Retail Feb 13, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Shmuel Schnitzer & Andrey Polyakov
ALROSA, Israel Sign Cooperation Agreement
ALROSA, Russia’s largest diamond miner, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel's diamond industry to cooperate on furthering their interests in the diamond market. The agreement was signed at the opening of the International Diamond Week...
Rough Markets Feb 09, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Mirny Mine
Stable Rough Diamond Production
Rough diamond production was basically flat in 2014 and is projected to remain at similar levels this year. While De Beers is expected to maintain steady production, increases by ALROSA will likely compensate for declines at other companies. Production...
Mining Feb 06, 2015 Avi Krawitz
DiamondCorp Reports $1M Sales in 2014
DiamondCorp reported that it sold 21,700 carats of diamonds for $1.36 million in 2014. The average price of $63 per carat was slightly ahead of the company's forecast. The company noted that short-term demand for...
Mining Feb 01, 2015 Avi Krawitz
pure gold
Pure Gold Plans $150M India Expansion
Pure Gold Group, a Dubai-based jewelry retailer, is planning to invest $150 million over the next three years to expand across India. The funds will be used to grow the company’s retail, diamond and gold jewelry...
Retail Feb 01, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Trade Report Icon
Indigestion in the Pipeline
Sentiment in the diamond market was relatively weak, with trade falling below the levels usually seen in January. Jewelry retailers held off on building up inventory, resisting the tendency at this time of year to replenish goods...
Magazine-Industry Feb 01, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Marc Gershburg
Laboratories Need to Focus on the Jewelry Retail Market
Gemological Science International (GSI) is an independent commercial gemological laboratory. Founded in 2005, GSI is one of the youngest labs in the industry but has expanded rapidly to gain a global presence, opening offices in Surat and Gaborone toward...
Manufacturing Jan 30, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Rough Diamonds
Rough Price Correction – Part 2
The rough diamond price cuts by De Beers at last week’s January sight were not far reaching enough. The mining company reduced prices by an average 4 percent, adopting a strategy to diminish supply while gradually adjusting prices...
Rough Markets Jan 30, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Jwaneng Operations
De Beers 4Q Production -8%
De Beers rough diamond production fell 8 percent year on year to 8.366 million carats during the fourth quarter of 2014, Anglo American reported. Production for the full year 2014 rose 5 percent to 32.605 million carats....
Mining Jan 28, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Letseng Mine
Gem Diamonds Letšeng Sales -10% in 4Q
Gem Diamonds sales fell 10 percent year on year to $67.7 million from its high-value Letšeng mine in Lesotho in the fourth quarter that ended on December 31. The company noted a cautious market environment at the end...
Mining Jan 27, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto Publishes 17 Select Diamantaires for 2015
Rio Tinto published a list of 17 diamond manufacturers that have received long-term contracts to buy its rough diamonds this year. These clients, known as Select Diamantaires, have been listed on the company’s website, but management...
Rough Markets Jan 26, 2015 Avi Krawitz
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