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RapNet Features

RapNet Customized Search Engine
You know which diamonds you’re looking for, so don’t waste time finding them. With RapNet’s customized search engine, you have the ability to search our enormous diamond database using your specified criteria. The RapNet diamond search is the most professional and user-friendly system available—built to enable the broadest or the most detailed diamond specifications, from price to country and city locations.
TradeScreenTM Price Research
RapNet members have access to RapNet’s Tradescreen™, which uses our patented technology to give you market prices in real-time. The TradeScreen™ is constantly updated as diamonds are added or removed from the system. See grids of the best priced diamonds, average prices per category or both. You can customize the TradeScreen™ to show prices for the diamonds that meet your specific criteria.
RapNet Excel® Add-In
RapNet membership includes access to this innovative software. RapNet Excel add-in automatically integrates data from the Rapaport Diamond Price List and RapNet diamond listings within Microsoft Excel, giving you sophisticated modeling, pricing and inventory management. A must-have tool.
RapNet Instant Inventory
With RapNet Instant Inventory, you always have diamonds in stock. Your customers can access RapNet’s extensive inventory right from your online store or storefront. RapNet Instant InventoryPRO allow you to display diamond listings directly from RapNet participating vendors to your store’s online diamond inventory. Do you have a particular diamond in stock? With RapNet the answer is always, “Yes.”
RapNet TradeLink®
RapNet Tradelink® software ensures that your sell listings are up-to-date and accurate. This innovative program automatically synchronizes your diamond inventory with the RapNet database, optimizing your presence and ensuring accuracy of sell listings.
RapNet Price List
The RapNet Price List provides you with actual asking prices from the international markets. Every Thursday, RapNet creates a weekly market snap-shot of the best and average priced diamonds on RapNet. The prices are based on qualified diamonds from RapNet’s 700,000+ diamond database. The RapNet Price List gives you a snapshot of the weekly market and shows you the price trends over time.
Buy Requests
When you need to buy a specific diamond, Rapnet gives you all the options you need to find it quickly, including uploading your request to our network. RapNet will email you when new diamonds fitting your buy criteria are uploaded to the system. RapNet also emails suppliers with your request and maintains the buy request listing online, so that your buy needs are met immediately.
New Certs Program
Find certified diamonds that are not available anywhere else on the Internet. RapNet presents an extensive selection of newly certified diamonds that are for sale only through our network. Newly certified diamonds are listed on RapNet as soon as the lab results are finalized. Check out the “New Certs” section on our site for exclusive listings, and find diamonds here you won’t find anywhere else.
Rapaport Diamond Price Calculator
Don’t buy or sell diamonds without the Rapaport Diamond Price Calculator by your side. The Calculator is a powerful tool—you choose a shape, carat size, color and clarity, then enter either a price or a percentage of the Rapaport price, and the price will be displayed. The Calculator displays a running and average total as well. Easy to use and a must-have tool for your diamond business.
Member Directory + Ratings System
Diamond professionals join RapNet to be part of an elite diamond community. You can easily search our membership directory according to a variety of parameters (company name, country, etc.). This feature enables both buyers and sellers all over the world to locate each other quickly and efficiently. Our ratings system allows members to anonymously rate their trading transactions, and we provide active forums for members to interact with each other.
Programs to Connect to RapNet Data
Take advantage of our easy-to-use and extensive API to: Customize the data flow to and from Rapaport, automatically import Rapaport price data, upload diamonds for sale to RapNet database and download diamonds from RapNet to use in your store website.
Rapaport Price List
The Rapaport Price List is the benchmark for diamond prices on a global scale. The Price List is used by diamond dealers all over the world to evaluate diamond prices and undertake transactions, whether they are in Timbuktu or Shanghai. The Rapaport Price List is updated weekly Thursdays at 11:59pm EST and reflects changes in the global diamond markets.
Rapaport Weekly Report
Don’t end your week without the Rapaport Weekly Report, which delivers the most important diamond and jewelry industry comments, analysis and news to your inbox. The Weekly Report includes specialized coverage of the most pertinent issues facing diamond professionals and the diamond trade.
Rapaport News
We don’t just give you the news; we tell you how it affects your business. Rapaport News and Analysis is the premier online diamond news source, reporting 24/7 on the diamond and jewelry industry. We take you inside the markets from rough to retail and explain what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what it means for you.
Global Customer Support
At RapNet, you don’t just get access to diamond suppliers and buyers, market reports, in-depth analysis and the latest diamond pricing information. You also receive first-class customer service. Our multilingual global customer service team provides service and support to our members all over the world. Whether it’s a technical question or about escrow services or import services, we are here to help you.
Exhibitors Directory and Diamond Search Service
We are where you are, including the leading international jewelry tradeshows. RapNet’s online exhibitor directory and diamond show search is available to members for three weeks prior to the show, as well as during the show itself. The search helps buyers find and set up meetings with RapNet exhibitors and search for actual diamonds at the show.

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