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RapNet 06

Rapaport presents the new and improved RapNet 06 for Microsoft Excel

Now, diamond trading is even easier! RapNet 06 allows you to combine the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel with the wealth of information available on RapNet. RapNet 06 can be installed on any PC and automatically links Microsoft® Excel to the Online Rapaport database. The new powerful and easy-to-use tools give you the ability to customize your diamond trading needs.
RapNet 06 is available free of charge, exclusively to Rapaport subscribers.

NEW! A newer version of RapNet 06 is available as a beta download. You can either download a 32 bit version, or the 64 bit version. Important, choose the version according to the office version, and not according to your OS. Most people will need the 32 bit version, even if they run windows on 64 bit. This version will only work on Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010. After installation there will be a new tab in Excel called "RapNet XL".

What is RapNet 06?
RapNet 06 is an Add-In program that works with your existing Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet (on any PC running Windows 98 or later), and will be automatically linked to Excel during the setup process. RapNet 06 works in conjunction with our familiar "RapNet - diamond trading network" service, and is exclusively available to members of the RapNet diamond trading network.
With RapNet 06, you can use your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage and upload diamond inventory directly to the Rapaport diamond trading website - www.RapNet.com, where other RapNet members can view and then purchase the diamonds you offer. Your familiar Excel program interface
makes this process simple and efficient.
All you need to do is input your diamond inventory or import an existing inventory file into the RapNet 06 Excel worksheet. Then, upload your list to the Online Rapaport database and your diamond inventory will be instantly accessible to other RapNet members looking to buy diamonds.

The New RapNet 06 Gives You the Power to:

  • View Rapaport Prices in Microsoft Excel and update them via the Internet.
  • Automatically fill-in Rapaport Prices on your list of diamonds.
  • Calculate diamond inventory based on percentages of Rapaport Prices.
  • Post your diamond listings for sale directly to the Internet from Microsoft Excel.
  • Download RapNet Buy Requests from the Internet directly to your personal Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • Update your online diamond listings instantly, with no delay.
  • Update or add diamond listings while maintaining previous listings.

RapNet 06 Features:

  • Enhanced search functions
  • Improved diamond listing upload
  • Improved workflow
  • Instant updating
  • User-friendly layout
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