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China Diamond Import Services

Your gateway to selling diamonds in China

China Diamond Import Services
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You want to sell diamonds in the rapidly growing Chinese market? Rapaport Diamond (Shanghai) Ltd. provides legal diamond import services to companies throughout mainland China. Now, customers in China can buy diamonds from you through Rapaport China Import Services.

Suppliers can just ship their certified diamonds directly to Rapaport, and our professional, bilingual staff will undertake all of the necessary administration to get your diamonds to your client and the payment to you. All according to our terms and conditions - Rapaport guarantees payment to the supplier and delivery of diamonds to your buyer. Our experienced team takes full responsibility for customs and tax payments and regulations in China. Rapaport Diamond (Shanghai) Ltd. is a member of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and provides a legal and authorized trading service.

First-class service to our select clients

When you work with Rapaport, you can be sure you are getting first-class service. We also take customer service to the next level. For our approved suppliers, Rapaport Shanghai, Ltd. provides:
  • Introductions to qualified buyers
  • Direct Sales Support and management of client inventory
  • Assistance in navigating your way around the systems
Additional Products and Services
Rapaport Price List
Your primary source for diamond price information
The Rapaport Price List is the source of diamond pricing information. Used extensively throughout the diamond trade for evaluating diamond prices.
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Rapaport Magazine
Your in-depth guide to the diamond and jewelry market
The Rapaport magazine is your primary source for diamond pricing and market information. Stay current with news, global market reports and the best in-depth analysis of the diamond and jewelry market.
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The most precious resource for your diamond business.
RapNet is the online home for the diamond trade and is the world's largest, most secure business-to-business diamond trading network. Join RapNet to buy, sell and connect and get your diamond prices.
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Rapaport Auctions
Buy and sell the largest variety of melee, certified and uncertified diamonds in a competitive cash market
Rapaport’s skilled staff manages global diamond auctions of melee, single stones and certified diamonds comprised of hundreds of thousands of carats every year. Our large global network means we can target even the most specific segments of the diamond market to promote your diamonds.
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Laboratory Services
Your diamond grading just got easier
Use GIA LabDirect or AGS Laboratory Services operated by Rapaport to send diamonds to the laboratories for grading. Just bring your diamonds to your local Rapaport office, and we will take care of everything else. Track the status of your diamonds online and check results as they become available.
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Buyers and Suppliers Groups
Join the international community of elite diamond and jewelry buyers.
Membership to the Rapaport Buyers Group gives you access to a wide range of suppliers with diamonds for sale. Buyers Group members enjoy exclusive VIP treatment and services in Rapaport offices worldwide.
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RapNet Inventory Link
RapNet Inventory Link gives your customers more choices, more diamonds, right inside your store.
With RapNet Inventory Link, you can display RapNet's extensive inventory to your online store or storefront, giving your customers access to a wide range of diamonds without leaving your store.
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Investment Diamonds
Investment diamond services to select institutional and private clients
The Rapaport Group is developing a transparent, efficient, liquid market for select, GIA graded and Rapaport certified investment diamonds.
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Polished markets stable but buyers are increasingly price sensitive as cutters try to raise prices due to expensive rough. Cutting center liquidity tightening due to high rough prices and GIA backlogs. Rough trading slows with premiums reduced on the secondary market. Zimbabwe plans UAE diamond embassy as Dubai sells $29M ($76/ct.) at inaugural Marange rough tender. Sotheby’s HK sells $107M (82% by lot) with brilliant-cut, 30.57ct., D, FL diamond selling for...

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