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HK Sept Show Registration
Dealer Sentiment, Visitor Traffic Improves at the Hong Kong Show
The mood among diamond suppliers who are exhibiting at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair improved on the second day of the show due to strong visitor traffic. While trading did remain slightly...
Polished Markets Sep 16, 2014 Avi Krawitz
Lucara Diamond
Lucara Awarded Two Prospecting Licenses Near Karowe Mine
Botswana's Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources granted Lucara Diamond Corp. two prospecting licenses near the Orapa kimberlite field. Both prospecting licenses are in close proximity to the Karowe diamond mine and...
Mining Sep 16, 2014 Deena Taylor
blue diamond
Petra Sells 122.52-Ct. Blue Diamond for $28M
Petra Diamonds has sold a 122.52-carat blue diamond recovered from its Cullinan mine for $27.6 million or $225,269 per carat.The diamond was sold to a beneficiation partnership, Petra stated. The partnership is 85 percent owned by a diamond...
Rough Markets Sep 16, 2014 Deena Taylor
Tiffany & Co. Reveals Its Masterpieces Collection for Fall 2014
The latest collection from Tiffany & Co. marks the debut of a number of modern Tiffany Masterpieces and was created by the brand's design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof. Several pieces are inspired by archival jewels of diamonds...
Manufacturing Sep 15, 2014 Jeff Miller
Diamond Empowerment Fund Names Honorees for 'Good Awards'
Press Release: The Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.) announced it will honor Jane Seymour, an accomplished actress, artist, jewelry designer, and philanthropist and Jewelers for Children, including its highly respected executive director David...
Marketing Sep 15, 2014 D.E.F.
christie's geneva
Christie's to Auction Iconic Cartier Tiger Jewels
Christie's Geneva will auction two pieces of tiger jewelry by Cartier that were formerly owned by the Duchess of Windsor and given to Sarah Brightman by her former husband, Andrew Lloyd Webber, at the upcoming magnificent jewels...
Marketing Sep 15, 2014 Jeff Miller
De Beers Delegation Visits Dubai Diamond Exchange
Press Release: The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC) platform and a leading diamond center, hosted a delegation of senior executives from De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company in Dubai, on Sunday September...
Marketing Sep 15, 2014 DDE
ogi systems
OGI Systems Group Launches Symmetry System in Hong Kong
Press Release: OGI Systems Group, the leading global company for technological solutions in the diamond industry, announces the current launch of the Scanox Zoom at Hong Kong’s Jewelry & Gem Fair 2014. Scanox...
Technology Sep 15, 2014 OGI Systems
ArtCarved engagement ring
ArtCarved Creates 'Put A Ring On It' Promotion
Press Release: ArtCarved, a leading designer of elegant and timeless engagement rings and wedding bands, announced the launch of the “Put A Ring On It” contest where one entrant will win an ArtCarved engagement ring or a pair...
Marketing Sep 15, 2014 ArtCarved
fairtrade gold
Fairtrade Gold Explores Aligning Standards With International Regulations
Press Release: Fairtrade International has launched a public consultation on its standard for gold and associated precious metals for artisanal and small-scale mining to explore how Fairtrade can best tackle new regulation and...
Fair Trade Sep 15, 2014 Fairtrade International
Gemfields to Explore for Sapphires, Gemstones in Sri Lanka
Colored gemstone miner, Gemfields Plc formed a joint venture East West Gem Investments Ltd. (EWGI) to explore sapphire and gemstones in Sri Lanka.Under the agreement, the joint venture will operate through three Sri...
Gemstones Sep 15, 2014 Deena Taylor
Polished Diamonds
Hong Kong's Polished Diamond Imports +9% in 1H
Hong Kong's polished diamond imports increased 9 percent year on year to $9.713 billion during the first half of 2014, according to the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd. Trading volume for polished imports fell...
Polished Markets Sep 15, 2014 Deena Taylor
HK Sept 2014 Show banner
Visitor Traffic Holds Steady for Opening Day of Hong Kong Show
The Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair opened on Monday with steady visitor traffic but cautious trading as buyers sought out pricing information in the early stages of the show. Suppliers maintained moderate expectations...
Polished Markets Sep 15, 2014 Avi Krawitz
First Texas-Israel Diamond Show Sparks Great Interest
Press Release: The first Texas-Israel Diamond Show, taking place later this month in San Antonio, promises to be an exciting event for both sides. The show, sponsored by the Texas Jewelers Association (TJA) and the...
Polished Markets Sep 15, 2014 IDI
Ekati Mine
Dominion Diamond May Face Union Wrath Over Flights Issue
Dominion Diamond Corporation has said that it will stop flying employees from Edmonton to its Ekati diamond mine to reduce costs, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported. However, union representatives may be setting up for...
Mining Sep 14, 2014 Ronen Shnidman
Lucara Diamond
Lucara to Join S&P/TSX SmallCap Index
The S&P Dow Jones Indices is except to add Lucara Diamond Corporation to its S&P/TSX SmallCap Index on September 19. In the past year, Lucara's market capitalization and share price have more than doubled, boosted...
Financial-Legal Sep 14, 2014 Ronen Shnidman
Cora Blue Rough
Blue Moon Diamond Goes on Display in L.A.
A rare 12-carat, internally flawless, blue diamond, known as the Blue Moon is on display at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles The Blue Moon was cut and polished from a 29.60-carat, blue rough diamond recovered...
Polished Markets Sep 14, 2014 Deena Taylor
Swiss Police Detain International Jewel Thief
(RAPAPORT) Targeted News Service: A Chinese national, a suspect in jewelry thefts around the world and the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice, was arrested in Switzerland during another attempted robbery.Jianguo Meng, 46, is linked to a string of at least...
Financial-Legal Sep 14, 2014 Targeted News Service
Ilan Kaplan
South Africa’s Beneficiation Industry Faces Continued Challenges
South Africa’s diamond manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes in the past few years, resulting in dwindling numbers and less cutting taking place, despite attempts to encourage beneficiation in the country. Ilan Kaplan, chairman...
Manufacturing Sep 14, 2014 Rapaport News
jewelry show
JA New York Special Delivery Show Begins Oct. 26
Press Release: The JA New York Special Delivery show, held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, will take place on October 26 to 28. The cash and carry show is uniquely positioned to offer retailers...
Marketing Sep 12, 2014 JA New York
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